A complete IoT solution.

h2n offers a complete IoT solution, from the physical interface to cloud services, mobile Apps and dashboards.
This helps our customers to transfer their products secure and quick into IoT enabled products.

Physical Interface

We developed customized hardware and software to integrate physically into every product.

Cloud Infrastructure

The whole Cloud infrastructure is designed to fit the special needs of our customers and can be hosted anywhere.

User Interface

Our large variety of UI-Templates helps us to offer cost effective and quick solutions for Dashboards, Analytics Tools, Rules Engines or mobile Apps


Our products

h2n track-it®
  • Map oriented tracking and status display for any device or group of devices
  • Dynamic device organization and grouping by user specified hierarchy
  • Unlimited geo-fences with email and SMS alerting
  • Configurable alerts for any device sensor values or status changes.
  • Graphical display of any device sensor values.
  • Historic sensor values and trend analysis
  • Transfer devices to any other users or allow other users to simultaneously use you devices
  • Rest API to interface other databases or services
  • Web application works with any html5 compatible browser on any system.
  • Message queue for unlimited scalability and fast response time
  • Add virtual devices like weather data for any specific geolocation
  • Control your devices by setting individual configurations and download through the sigfox network
web@ctrl1 and web@ctrl2 features
Web Control 1 and 2
  • Cloud I/O and control
  • Fully encrypted cloud interface
  • Configuration free setup
  • JSON based command interface
  • Serial data router
  • Industrial Temp. Range -40 .. +85 °C
  • 8 Digital / Analog Inputs / Outputs (16 in web@ctrl2)
  • 4 Power switching and PWM outputs (not in web@ctrl2)
  • Configurable inputs (Voltage, Timing, Event)
  • Power fail safe counters / elapsed time meters
  • User configurable logic engine
  • h2n App for Tablet / Smart-phone
web@ctrl downloads
Loading files

  • Built in Sigfox Radio at 868,13 MHz with integrated antenna, RZ1 radio zone support
  • Ultra low power motion sensor to activate the device with fully automatic motion detection
  • Hardware timer to activate the device for periodic radio messages at 30nA
  • Immediate radio messages when motion is detected and at end of motion
  • Built in sensors for orientation, rotation, and temperature
  • Internal 5 years industrial battery with battery voltage monitor
  • IP69 rugged housing
  • -20 .. +60°C outdoor temperature range
  • Sensitive 0,1g motion monitor
  • Detection of orientation or tilt from horizon to monitor doors and latches
  • Rotation detection of the device to monitor rotation of latches or similar equipment
  • Integrated temperature monitor from -40°C to 85 °C
  • End of motion detection for final orientation and rotation of device
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Success Stories

With our solutions we help our customers to quickly enter the IoT market and these are their success stories.

EOS Sauna
La Marina
Professional Meteorology
· Support for various physical interfaces (BLE, KNX, NMEA, STI-12, MODBUS)
· Cloud and local access in parallel
Low latency locally, big data from cloud
· User customizable responsive dashboards, for live/historical data and device setup
EOS Sauna
Remote Sauna Control
· Easy installation and setup (no portforward or firewall setup)
· Communication within local network / wifi possible if internet is not available
· High end consumer App for Android and iOS
La Marina Yachtservice SL
Boat Tracking
· Battery operated boat monitor with up to 10 years battery life
· Keeps track of all past routes, mileage, operating hours, temperatures and speed. Trips are automatically added to the journey log.
· The geofence alert sends a push notification when your boat moves from its position.

Case Studies

Different cases how to IoT your product.

h2n track-it®
Real Time PLC

h2n track-it® - Geotracking solution

With the powerful h2n Track-it Cloud portal a user can monitor and track all ELOC3 Sensors and other h2n Cloud connected devices in one central web application. Anyone can simply create a user account, register and manage his devices.
Realtime PLC meets Cloud
PLC to Cloud
Prepare your PLC programs simply in your browser and store them to the h2n cloud. Use Smartphones, Tablets or simply your Browser to deploy your PLC applications to your devices.
Customization for special customer needs
To connect any customer product to the IoT world, we have a large variety of physical interfaces, different hardware solutions and modular cloud services including mobile Apps. This helps us to integrate very fast into your application with low implementation risk and fast time to market.


The Team

Johann Mühlbauer


Christian Brunner

Cloud and Software Specialist

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